Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the provision of sanitation services and maintenance of the Town's parks and other public grounds. The sanitation services include the collection of garbage (residential), recyclable materials, yard trash and bulk items. Please review the Guidelines for Springdale Sanitation Services for assistance with sanitation activities. If you are a new resident please contact the Town of Springdale to obtain a Sanitation Services Agreement. The curbside household garbage collection, once-a-week curbside recyclable materials collection, and once-a-week yard curbside trash collection are funded through property tax revenues. The only residential sanitation services that require additional fees are the collection of bulk items (appliances, furniture, etc.) and excessive amounts of yard trash.


All businesses in Springdale must contract with a private hauler for garbage collection.


Holidays may alter the Town's sanitation services. Please see the Town Calender under "Town Hall", then "Documents and Forms."

Collection Schedule

Garbage is collected on Monday or Tuesday depending on the location of your property. See the Garbage Collection Schedule to determine which day your garbage is collected. Recyclable materials are collected curbside for the entire Town on Wednesday. Yard trash is collected curbside for the entire Town on Thursday.


Please contact Springdale Town Hall at 803-794-0408 if you have questions regarding sanitation services.