Reminder about Mosquitos

With the end of warmer weather looming, please continue to be aware of areas and objects around your property that become a breeding ground for mosquitos.

1. Identify standing water sources around your property, dump and remove them.
That old flower pot behind the shed, the tire propped against the house or the cup that sits on the rail of the deck can make the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. They can breed in a container as small as a bottle cap. Empty and remove these sources and rob the little pests of their breeding grounds.

2. Keep your grass and bushes trimmed.
Mosquitos like to rest in tall grass and shrubbery during the hot days. Keeping the grass and shrubs cut short deprives them of their resting spots. Rack up leaves as well. One overturned leaf can hold enough water to breed mosquitos.

3. Check you rain gutters
Gutters are often clogged with leaves and are active sources of standing water. Mosquitos love it there. Clear them out and make she the summer showers drain properly.

4. Fill low spots on your property
Low lying areas in your yard tend to hold rain water. That means more areas for mosquitos to breed. Consider filling these in with sand. Grass will usually grow through within a few weeks.

5. Look after your pool
Stagnant water in a pool, even at the bottom of an unused pool, can cause serious mosquito infestations. If your pool is in use, keep it clean and empty out the water from pool toys. If it is not, consider filling it in. Make sure it does not hold stagnant water. This is declared a nuisance according to our town ordinance. You can receive a ticket if your pool is unsanitary and breeding mosquitos.

Mosquito problems are everyone’s problems. The town is working with Lexington County to affect the adult mosquito population, but we need everyone’s help. Be proactive. Check your property today, regularly and often.

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