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**Trash collection will operate on a one day delay for the entire week. Yard trash will be collected on Thursday, 2/21.**

Mayor's Message

Congratulations to Council Member Dr. Viki Fecas for completing the Advanced Graduates Municipal Elected Officials Institute program. It's great to see how seriously our council members take their position.

CMRTA(Comet) tickets are now being sold at the Town Hall. The route now serves the airport as well as the Columbia area. Please look into it as it has expanded. Thank you to Councilman Kevin Reeley for being on that board.

The water line has begun up Wattling Rd from Parrish Plantation to Silstar. They are looking at tapping under the road to connect to Hollydale as well. This will hopefully get rid of any stagnant water issues as this will connect a loop of flowing water. It is scheduled to be completed in a couple of weeks.

Mayor Michael Bishop, 803.920.4074

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