Moist and tender, that’s how a perfectly fried turkey tastes! And that perfection takes approximately 3 gallons of cooking oil to accomplish.  If you save the used oil for frying again that’s great, but when you are done with it, take it to the Lexington County Collection and Recycling Centers. Click here for info on Collection Centers. They will gladly accept it and recycle it.  Your used cooking oil will be turned into biofuel by Green Energy Biofuel.

Like other forms of fat, if it is poured down a drain and cools, the cooking oil solidifies and clogs up sink drains, pipes, sewer lines, and septic tanks. These failing systems can introduce raw sewage into storm drainage systems that drain into our waterways. The costs to repair can also be very expensive!   So this holiday season, when you serve your fried Christmas turkey, do the GREEN thing, and keep our soil and water free from sewage by recycling your cooking oil for use as biofuel!


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